Are You ready to turn your fears into fuel and live your dreamality?

Meet Your Dream PusHER

Coach Niki is the Owner of Do It Hella Scared Coaching- the transformational coaching programs and experiences and the contagious movement spreading like wild fire. Unleashing the GODfidence BuildHER Experience in 2020- during a global pandemic-- nearly 200 women from across the United States have experienced massive growth in self-worth, secured identity, and have reported drastically increase in their confidence.

With over 15 years of providing interventional therapeutic support to every population with a professional background in Social Work and high capacity leadership in the non-profit and ministerial arenas, Niki Bilima-Bugingo serves you with the "just right" mix of purpose agitation and calling forth your brilliance.

Her super power is hearing your heart and seeing your soul to help you break through to your next level while breaking through every limiting fear turning it into fuel to experience your Dreamality...which is your dreams turned into your reality.

With Coach Niki's simple PowHER Strategy and tools for the day to day building process, your will be fully equipped to stop being stuck, take the forward steps, and...

Do It Hella Scared.

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What some of my clients are saying

Madonna Martin- California

"I had a lot of Mental and Spiritual breakthrough. Those are the days that I had to be real with myself. My eyes were opened up to a lot of self sabotaging I was doing...I'm no so grounded in who God says I am- I don't care what anyone says!"

Before I started this, my confidence level was about a 4. but after completing the GODfidence BuildHER Experience, it is now is a 8.

There were so many teachings that stood out to me. Around Day 8 of the 35, I began to understand things differently. I cried.

I had to be real with myself. I wasn’t allowing God to work through me. I was my worst critic but this experience taught me how to see myself at my highest-- the way God sees me and how He created me! It definitely challenged and changed my thinking.

I would recommend the GODfidence BuildHER to any woman because by the time you are done with it all, I can guarantee you will come out standing tall, and proud to be the beautiful women God made you to be. I loved and enjoyed it!

Carol Cygan- California

"I would recommend the GODfidence BuildHER to any woman because it works!"

  Life takes a daily toll on our confidence and belief that we are enough or have what it takes.  The GODfidence BuildHER helped me to refocus on the truth of who GOD says I am.  Allowing that truth to not only wash over my soul, but slowing down and investing the time to have it go deep into my being is transformational!

Thank you, Niki, for your heart for women that inspired you to create such an amazing program.

Alice Kindred- Alabama

"Coach Niki, you're one bad chic!"

The GODfidence BuildHER Experience pushed me out of my comfort zone because I have been used to being in the background.

This experience pushed me to do something that I haven't done before and that is be intentional in taking a chance on myself!

Coach Niki, I truly thank God for you! Thank you for answering the call that God chose you for...the experience I had with you far exceeded any expectation that I had! You're simply amazing!

On a scale of 1 -10, I rate this Experience 1000!

Tristen Ross- California

"I have been able to identify, and narrow down my focus while embracing the tension that fully pushed my God-Dream to the next level."

My experience working with Coach Niki has been challenging, thought- provoking and honestly scary, BUT worth every moment.

During my coaching sessions with Coach Niki, my biggest growth points were always in understanding that I can have moments of doubt and even some fear--but my God-dream is my position and purpose.

Grace Williams- Florida

"Listen, if you are not sure if Coach Niki can help you--I can tell you that within just a few days of working with her, she has drastically helped me...she is anointed for this!"

My vision is super clear and there is nothing that can stop me from living out my dream through building my business impacting the health of women all around the world as a health coach.

Shayla Young- Michigan

"Coach Niki is amazing and always bring the energy!"

She pushed me out of my comfort zone to begin valuing myself like I've never done before and have always had a hard time doing.